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Fully Managed IT Services: TechTrone provides comprehensive IT services encompassing monitoring, management, support, and security for all IT systems and users, all bundled within a predictable and fixed monthly fee. Our holistic approach ensures that your IT infrastructure operates seamlessly and securely.

Co-Managed IT Services: In collaboration with in-house IT teams, TechTrone acts as an extension of your internal workforce. We take charge of backend operations, handling tasks such as patching, repetitive activities, one-off services, and specialized projects. This collaborative model allows your internal IT department to focus on broader responsibilities, while we streamline and optimize the technical backend. Additionally, when fully managing your IT, we offer discounted support hours, enhancing cost-effectiveness and flexibility in your IT operations.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an external organization that takes on the management and accountability for a specific range of IT and technology services for its clients. This strategic approach to enhancing operations is widely adopted by not only large corporations but also small and medium-sized businesses, and non-profit entities. In the role of an MSP, the TechTrone Team can serve as the client’s dedicated IT Department or provide valuable support to complement the existing in-house IT team.

  1. Cybersecurity Services
  2. Strategic IT Consulting
  3. Comprehensive IT Support and Helpdesk Solutions
  4. IT Procurement Services
  5. Expert Server Support
  6. Efficient Network Support
  7. Business Continuity Solutions
  8. Cutting-edge Cloud Services
  9. Proactive Managed IT Services
  10. Timely IT Support
  11. Cabling and Infrastructure Solutions
  12. Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

The vast majority of IT issues can be handled remotely, however sometimes there is a need to be on-site. When that need need arises, TechTrone will dispatch technicians to your site to handle those issues.

Techtrone stands at the forefront of the IT industry by offering a unique blend of IT strategy and compliance guidance, addressing critical gaps in the market. Our expertise translates into significant benefits for clients:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings: Clients can streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and bolster profitability while saving valuable time and financial resources.

  2. Elevated Employee Satisfaction: The reduction of IT-related frustrations among employees leads to improved team morale, boosting overall productivity and job satisfaction.

  3. Robust Data Security: Our guidance empowers clients to fortify their defenses against data breaches, ransomware attacks, and potential legal liabilities, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive information.

  4. Mitigated Cybersecurity and Compliance Risks: By leveraging our expertise, clients can proactively lower their cybersecurity and compliance risks, fostering a secure and compliant operational environment.

TechTrone is inherently responsive, guided by a deliberate approach. We partner with organizations that recognize the value of a standards-based methodology for their IT systems.

This alignment allows our clients to enjoy business-enhancing technology without constant emergencies, freeing them to focus on growth.

Direct support access eliminates bottlenecks, letting us gather insights and recommend improvements.

Our SLA prioritizes client concerns, categorized as P1 to P4. From critical server issues (P1) to simple password resets (P4), we offer efficient solutions.

Investing in this process over time builds service quality and responsiveness, akin to compound interest. Starting late makes it harder to catch up.

Operationally mature organizations across various verticals, including but not limited to:

  • Professional Services
  • CPA Firms
  • Legal Practices
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Consulting Companies
  • Manufacturing Enterprises
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Nonprofit Organizations

At Techtrone, our commitment to excellence extends beyond specific industries. Whether you’re in one of the mentioned sectors or any other industry, we consider every computer owner as a potential client. If you have unique IT needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. If it falls beyond our scope, we have strategic partnerships with other Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who can assist in achieving your objectives. Your IT success is our priority, regardless of your industry.

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