Tips for Safely Managing a Warehouse in the Pandemic and Always

While the overall numbers are looking better, running a safe warehouse is vital during COVID-19. You need to ensure your workers are trained properly and that you’re taking precautions to avoid the spread of germs, but it doesn’t end there, of course. Consider the following measures for best practices during the pandemic and beyond

Hiring a warehouse manager

Finding a qualified warehouse manager is one of the key elements to a safe and efficient warehouse. Your warehouse manager should be able to understand what you need to make your warehouse run smoothly and should also know the strengths of each worker they hire to join the team. A manager should also be able to troubleshoot and solve technical issues that may arise while also helping resolve any interpersonal disputes between workers. 

A warehouse consists of a number of moving parts and functions, and your warehouse manager should have a solid knowledge of each of those functions. They should be able to develop a strategic warehouse plan that includes everything from shipping to receiving to storage and returns. The manager should also identify what kind of technology would help maximize efficiency and safety for the warehouse and its workers.


A warehouse manager can also make use of shift scheduling software for easy repeated scheduling. This software can help them effectively schedule workers, send real-time notifications to employees about changes to the schedule, and help your business stay in compliance with any local scheduling laws. This software will save them considerable time and allow them to focus on running your warehouse.


COVID-19 protocols

A warehouse can be a risky area of your business, especially if your workers use large equipment on a regular basis. Along with ensuring proper usage of equipment, your workers should also be aware of important COVID-19 safety precautions.

One of the most important safety precautions for your workers is requiring masks and social distancing for all employees. Be sure to also keep surfaces clean in order to minimize the risk of transmission, and conduct health screenings for each employee in accordance with local government recommendations.

These screenings typically include checking your workers’ temperature, screening for symptoms, and finding out if they’ve been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. By keeping your warehouse clean and virus free, you’ll be protecting both your staff and the customers who receive your products.

Train From Day One

Beyond COVID-19 safety, Cyzerg notes warehouse workers should be knowledgeable about safety protocols in the warehouse. Warehouse injuries can be severe, even resulting in death. When a worker is hired, they should go through a safety briefing that helps inform them of specific risks and challenges within the warehouse. A warehouse manager can help ensure safety compliance on an ongoing basis, but proper initial training will help provide valuable safety information for the worker.

Warehouse injuries are commonly caused by heavy equipment accidents, so identify a few key members of your team that will be allowed to use those items. Slips, trips, and falls can also cause accidents, so keep your warehouse as clean as possible to avoid injuries. Another common warehouse injury is head trauma caused by falling objects. Ensure that your workers wear hard hats to protect themselves, and help establish protocols to reduce the likelihood that a worker is hit by a falling object.

Many warehouses will require that their employees take an online Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) training. These safety courses can cover accident and prevention programs, health and safety awareness, first aid and CPR training, and more. While the initial training is vital, ongoing training and updates are recommended to help workers stay current on their safety knowledge.

The pandemic is ebbing, but best practices should never stop. To run your warehouse properly, start with your staff, then set up a warehouse plan that emphasizes safety and efficiency. By keeping your warehouse as safe as possible, you’ll also be ensuring efficiency and productivity from your team now and in the future.

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