Why my computer keeps on shutting down randomly?

No doubt that technology has exceedingly improved our productivity by all means. We rely on the help of desktop or laptops for work or business in all work.

No matter how expensive is your desktop or laptop you might encounter some imperceptible difficulties during your usage, hither we can classify it to one which a harmless problem and other is harmful.
According to our customer’s analysis, we found that at least 10 % of our customers suffering from random shutdowns. In this article, we will discuss and focus on the main cause of random shutdowns and how to fix it.

#1 Overheating:

Overheating is the most noticeable problem you can feel and notice it on your device, sometimes we might hear the fan loud or the device is heating for unknown reasons, that can happen because of something simple like the overuse or something even something technical like replacing the CPU FAN you can fix it in the early stage!.

How to fix:

Make sure that the computer is clean from dust and try applying a cooling paste on your processor. “this process requires a tech or someone who know how to remove the fan and apply the paste, please watch some youtube videos and read if you’re a DIY person”. it’s not hard but tricky, please contact us for assistance or you can get a decent cooling pad which won’t require any technical work.

#2 Computer Virus

Computer viruses and malware are the trends of this century. Some of the random shutdowns come from those beside it could destroy everything on your laptop, it might lead to a random shutdown. But good news! Do not panic, you can fix this problem by installing and scanning your computer from virus or at least take out your data before you wipe out your device.
You can always get our outstanding partner “Webroot” to be your guard from the bad guys and threats.

#3 The power supply
Power supply problem could lead to some random shutdowns, and it might also cause some critical damage to the motherboard and definitely, it will die. It is highly recommended to change it as soon as possible. If you are not sure if it’s the problem of power supply contact us to check it for you but you have to change it.

Is servicing my device is needed?

When “No service for your computer”, trust me you might get a big problem. the first three common problems in a computer are the overheating, random shut down and, slow response. Therefore, it is necessary to service your laptop regularly from dust for quite an experience and prevent the overheating and/or disable any unwanted programs for fast processing.

What about the Battery of my device?

The battery is the simplest matter you can think of, you will find it online or in a local store specifically for your device, If you know how to replace it that fine or you can contact us to help you out. and it shouldn’t cause a random shutdown in most cases.

What to do if everything fails?

Another major question that often comes to our mind is what should be done if all the above reasons fail? Well, there is another solution to your problem. You can simply reinstall your windows. How it will benefit? It will remove all the viruses from your computer and make the processing of your computer faster and smoother they way it was, or you can try to upgrade your device with a Solid State Drive which is highly recommended for the best performance.

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